The Dangers of the Offshore Life: Oil Rigs

deal with offshore injuryOne of the most challenging professions in the world pertains to the offshore oil and gas industry. Not only are the offshore workers thousands of miles away from the hospitals, they also constantly face materials which are highly flammable while being on a platform where cranes are swinging by above their heads carrying heavy equipment. Indeed, plenty of possible injuries are just around the corners of their vessels.

What are the accidents that often injure offshore workers?

Although unfortunate events such as explosions rarely occur in the oil and gas vessels, they cost millions of dollars when they do. The probability and its impact are quite comparable to that of the airlines business. According to University of Texas’ director of Petroleum Extension Service, these unfortunate events have low probability of occurrence but, undeniably, has high consequences. Then again, oil industry is a hazardous field of business and thus, it has to deal with these dangers on a daily basis.

On top of that, smaller accidents that lead to injuring workers occur frequently. Because of this, oil rig companies’ public relations are often tainted negatively most especially when these injured offshore workers bring along their offshore injury lawyers. As per Robert Bryce from Manhattan Institute’s Center for Energy Policy and the Environment, the oil industry is a high-stake gamble since accidents like these often reflect bad public relations for those companies who are involved and understandably, it is not a positive look on the business.

dangerous offshore work

Although time and time again, oil rig companies have been reprimanded about the safety aspect of their business and despite being issued with millions of dollars’ worth of fines, still the secretary of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) thinks that the oil industry may not actually be making the necessary investment to safely run their refineries and because they are not ensuring the workers’ safety, these respective workers pay for their company’s lack of investment with their own lives.

Safety Issues in Offshore Work

Indeed, it is as if some of these oil companies do not take safety precautions to heart. And this can go on for so long especially since most offshore workers who are inflicted with injuries or who encounter accidents caused by negligence in the part of the company are often not aware of the rights they have. Some do not even know that they have a right to get themselves an  injury lawyer. With services like The Rain Law Firm client can be assisted in legal issues. 

With these safety issues, the potential expansion of offshore work and the oil industry has become quite controversial as it may lead to poorer safety measures as the industry rises. Clearly, the oil and gas industry needs to review its ways. They ought to make safety and not just profit as one of their topmost priorities. It is very unfortunate that these rich companies undermine the lives of their workers, it is as if they have forgotten that without their workers, productivity and success in the offshore industry would never be possible.