Toothaches? Maybe It’s Time to Visit an Endodontist

when to visit endodontistOne of the worst pain anyone might ever experience in their whole life is an aching tooth. The pain may become so excruciating that for some people, with low pain tolerance, it may even be debilitating. A person suffering a bad toothache is so unlucky because this type of pain often reaches the back of the hand and seriously, it stops people from doing their normal routine.

Dealing with Dental Problems

Usually, when dealing with aching teeth, people often go for typical home remedies such as placing an ice pack on the cheek, taking a pain reliever and so on. However, these methods are obviously temporary. For as long as the tooth has a problem within, the pain will strike again and again without giving the person any heads up. So yes, it can strike when you are in the office, at a meeting, at a first date, you name the place and time and it might just strike you there in that moment.

Because toothaches interfere with work and other daily activities, visiting a dentist is necessary. If the dentist finds out that you are dealing with cases of what call as “dental pulp”, chances are your dentist will refer you to an endodontist. Endodontics are professionals that perform procedures such as endodontic therapy which is commonly known as root canal therapy. They also do surgeries and treat dental trauma as well as cracked teeth. For cases wherein a person’s dental pulp, that which contains lymphatic and fibrous tissues, nerves, venules and arterioles, is found injured or diseased, endodontic treatment is often required in hopes of saving the tooth.

what is a root canal

Why Not Just a Dentist?

You might be wondering why an endodontist visit is necessary when you can just visit a general dentist. When it comes to general dentistry, dentists are trained to keep your mouth healthy. It’s true that there are dentists who perform a wide variety of treatment including root canal therapy. However, there are cases when endodontic or root canal therapy is too complicated that common dentists may not be able to perform the procedure correctly and so this is where endodontists come on. Endodontists specialize in root canal and so they promise the best results since it is their specialization. However, endodontists are usually limited to just a few treatments excluding placing fillings and crowns on the teeth and so right after the root canal therapy, patients are asked to go back to their general dentist for further restoration of the tooth.

When choosing an endodontist, always go for experts who are trusted enough to even treat endodontic cases of children, like that of the Endodontic Specialists in Austin. This is one way of knowing how capable they are in performing the procedures.

And so, if you experience toothaches, pay a visit to your dentist and if they suggest going for an endodontic specialist, do not just shrug it off. If you really want to save yourself from completely losing a tooth or set of teeth, please listen to your dentist and visit an endodontist whenever it is necessary.

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